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Michael Ocampo is an American entertainer who is about to bring a new light to live performance. With passion and courage, Michael is destined to touch the hearts of every audience member there is.

Michael was born in Southampton, New York, and raised in Orlando, Florida. He started taking dance classes at age 9 and spent his adolescence singing in school choirs. When a dance program began to form within his high school, Michael took initiative and began to teach and create works with his fellow students. One of his works in 2014 was performing in an annual all-county festival and gala. It received the highest score out of all public schools.

Wanting to further his dance training, Michael went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Point Park University. There, Michael had the opportunity of working alongside many reputable artists in the industry. Some include, Gregory Dolbashian, James Greg, Garfield Lemonius, Rubén Graciani, Kiesha Lalama, Jason McDole, and Mark Burrell. A notable performance Michael partook in was Missa Brevis, set by the Jose Limón Dance Company. Michael also performed alongside the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, under the Martha Graham Dance Company.

While continuing his studies, Michael served as a masterclass instructor at several different teaching establishments including Carnegie Mellon University, Point Park University, Pittsburgh CLO, as well as International Dance Intensives.


Michael was appointed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to choreograph and perform with them in concert. Because of its success, they had him return the following year.


Debuting his first professional gig, Michael partnered with RWS Entertainment Group and Holland America Cruise Line to deliver spectacles receiving standing ovations onboard multiple ships in the fleet.


Michael was then asked to partake in the inaugural cast aboard MSC Cruise's brand new ship the MSC Seashore. Under the direction of Jesse Robb and RWS, Michael performed award-winning spectaculars for many European and American audiences.

Currently, Michael is performing as a swing with Disney Cruise Line performing shows such as "Aladdin" and "Frozen" to audiences worldwide. Michael continues to serve as an instructor and mentor for several artists and hopes to continue delivering world-class entertainment to audiences across the globe.

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